June – Pre Season

June – Pre Season

Up here in the North the season officially start the 1st of June, and the first 2 weeks is most often the spring flood. This is the perfect time to fish deep with big streamers, or heavy nymphs.
Chasing bigger fish, I like to fish heavy sinking lines and big streamers.
And what a early season it’s been.
5 fish above 4,5 lbs(2,1 kg) and more than 20 fish between 2,5-4 lbs(1,2-1,8 kg)

After rain comes sunshine, and the rivers started to get back to normal, and a lot of mayflies start to hatch. The first good hatch was the Leptophlebia, and some trout reacted fast to these normalsized bugs.
I had a great day by one of the most difficult rivers up here, and found a really good fish.

And after that it felt like the rivers really woke up, and we could find more and more good sized trout eating from the surface.
Latest 2 weeks we have caught about 99% of the fish on dryflies, and we got more than 10 fish past the 3 lbs mark ( 1,4 kg ) with two top fish 4,5 lbs(2,1 kg) and 5,5 lbs(2,5 kg)
In this moment we have a great hatch of Danica, Yellow mayflies and Baetis. And also still some Vulgata in some lakes.
The trout loves mayflies!

Now we are a week in to July and we’ve seen more and more caddis, and then we now a lot of big trout will start to feed on pupas and adult caddis. Going to be a fun month.

Still have some open dates in August for our private stretch. If you’re intrested to make a visit just send us an email jon@northerntroutguides.com

Tight lines!


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